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About Us


The Whispering Cave welcomes all and is a safe and supportive space to build community. Offering sacred experiences through the traditions of Yoga, a wide range of wellness modalities, and unique events led by master teachers. Our classes will  guide you towards personal growth through transformative practices on and off the mat.

Instructors & Practitioners


Michelle is a seeker of unique connections, the voice of an authentic soul, and a dancer with a wild heart who has been teaching yoga since 2008, Michelle’s career in movement began years earlier as a dancer in NYC. in the time since she has expanded her skill set with multiple trainings in various forms of yoga, meditation, and personal fitness.

She believes that grace, awareness, and intention in movement shouldn’t be restricted to a yoga mat or studio, and that the transitions between moments make a wonderful dance floor for mind, body, and spirit.

Michelle has led numerous yoga teacher trainings and workshops, helping elevate her students at every opportunity while always holding space to learn from them along the way.


Greta is a teacher with a passion for people and lifelong learning. At The Whispering Cave she brings her many years of experience to the community with joy and a big heart.

Greta received her Yoga Teacher Training through Devanadi school of Yoga in the Tantric lineage. Emphasis on meditation, asana, pranayama, chant, mantra and the rich 1000 years old tradition of yoga were all part of her education.

Greta received additional training and certification in restorative and chair yoga, as well as the powerful art of meditation. Bringing balance to her students through mindful practices which restore body & spirit is very important to her.

She especially loves working with beginners. Witnessing the transformative power of yoga at the start of a journey is a beautiful thing.

To bring people home to themselves, to raise vibrational energy and to let each persons gifts shine is what makes a good teacher. Greta is grateful to be amongst teachers at the Whispering Cave who accomplish this daily.

In loving service and peace.


Sophia is a modern mover with a passion to explore internal/physical perception and experience. She is Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor with a background in Kripalu Yoga, Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa Flow.

She began her journey as a mover at a very young age through dance. Her dance journey led her through experimenting with other physical practices including pilates, Laban Movement Analysis, Alexander Technique, and more. During her movement studies Sophia grew to love and appreciate yoga. Though she had been practicing for 10 years, it was in college when she dove deep into her practice. In 2017 Sophia received her RYT and has been actively teaching ever since.

As a teacher, Sophia focuses on the anatomical perceptions of postures creating a space for body knowledge and alignment. She creates a space where she encourages others to focus on the now and to “just be.” Sophia offers classes that are fun loving, energetic, and a place where everyone is open to explore and express themselves freely.


Tera Rajpreet (Kelly Rose) began practicing yoga in 1999, shortly after her first child was born. She took no more than five kundalini classes before eagerly signing up for level I teacher training. Kelly is fascinated by kundalini’s compliments to her role as a parent, business owner and marriage & family therapist. Kelly believes that ultimately, we are the heroes of our own stories. She specializes in helping students and clients design their authentic paths to healing using integrative approaches.


Charlotte connects her student’s breath to movement in each of her classes and believes the mind body connection is the key in giving everyone the freedom to have their own experiences on the mat. She ensures that each pose is tailored to fit each student’s individual needs so that they can enjoy its benefits in a safe and supported way. Charlotte is also a Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and weaves tools from both practices throughout her class. She has taught in Arkansas, Wisconsin and Minnesota and is also a certified personal trainer and pilates instructor. She uses that training, especially in anatomy, to inform her teachings in the studio.

Charlotte is a 200 ERYT, 500 RYT Yoga teacher. She started her journey as a Yoga teacher in 2011 and completed her 200 hr program at Arkansas Yoga Center with Andrea Fournet and Bryan Fowler. She finished her 500 hours at The Yoga Center Retreat in MN. Further certifications are held in Meditation from Tara Cindy Sherman through the Yoga Center Retreat, Yoga Nidra certification from Kevin Kortan through the Yoga Center Retreat and completed a 10 hour ParaYoga Nidra training with Rod Stryker. She also has certifications for Restorative Yoga training through Chanti Tacoronte-Perez at Devanadi Yoga and also through Cyndi Lee.


Bonnie is a Yoga Alliance Certified Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Teacher. She creates an alignment-based, systematic approach to fitness that’s sustainable. Her intention is to create a sacred and safe space for students of all levels to explore the rich traditions of yoga and body shaping results from Calisthenics.

She has studied and practiced yoga since 2001. Her journey began in Iyengar Yoga in NYC during 9/11. After moving to Minneapolis in 2010, she recieved her 250 hour RYT through CorePower. After several years of teaching, she became certified through Blooma’s Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training.

While living in London for the last 3 years, Bonnie traveled all over the world studying alignment based practices including; Lotte Berk and The Garuda Method.

Bonnie’s varied and International yoga influences allow her to thread intelligent alignment, spinal strengthening, and strong, graceful flow sequences Into all of her classes. Bonnie’s teachings are built on conscious awareness and infinite compassion.


Kristi has been practicing Iyengar Yoga since 1996. She is Certified as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Therapist. She continues to advance her skills under the guidance of senior teachers. Her classes concentrate on bringing the body into balance by increasing mobility, stability, strength and alignment, which can be therapeutic for specific conditions.

Kristi pays close attention to anatomical details and alignment of each posture. The use of props enable students to perform asanas (postures) correctly, minimizing the risk of injury or strain, making her class accessible to everyone.

Off the mat, Kristi is a PCA for her father and enjoys fostering animals, gardening and spending time with her family.

Beginners to intermediate are welcome!


In the midst of a grueling masters degree program Karen found her way to Yoga in hopes of achieving more of a sense of restoration and peace in her daily life. She gained those things and so much more! After graduating Karen rerouted her life course and dove into studying and teaching Yoga full-time with an open heart. She has now spent nearly a decade on her mat, teaching, discovering and learning.

Karen’s teaching style is a dynamic breath and alignment focused practice. She guides with a theme of empowerment and support and encourages her students to explore movement and breath in a way that feels authentic and freeing.


A student of yoga since 2008, Shannon found her way to teaching when a sudden health event changed the course of her life. She became a Yoga Alliance 200 hour registered yoga teacher in 2016 and since has taught a variety of styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin. She has continued her studies with additional teacher trainings and received specialty certifications in meditation and Reiki.

Her own healing journey inspired her to create a safe, nurturing space for students to cultivate awareness, connection and self love through Yoga.

Shannon believes a dedicated personal practice is the key to raising the collective vibration. The mission of her teaching is to provide tools and experiences students can take off the mat so they can live more fully, be present, find peace and be more compassionate with themselves, earth and all beings.


Colene started a daily home practice in 2007 and became a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor in 2012. She began her Yoga journey at Sutra Studios in Phoenix Az, and has since migrated to Minnesota where she brings her bright light to The Whispering Cave!

Colene enjoys teaching Vinyasa flows where she can express the freedom of dance and incorporate the mind, body, breath connection. She is also passionate about bringing Yin practice to clients; Yin being the opposite of Yang where poses are held for longer periods of time while supported by props. This allows the body to receive the stretch fully and balances the fire of a Vinyasa practice.

She also values the practice of meditation, specifically Yoga Nidra where the subconscious mind can release into safe and supported rest.

Colene has brought prenatal and postnatal practices to her Yoga communities and is passionate about building support for mothers as they evolve with their families.


Christine Sheehy’s passion for Thai bodywork was sparked through a street-food focused trip to Thailand in 2004. As a trained chef seeking inspiration through Thai culture and cuisine, she discovered a modality of healing widely offered and deeply woven. For many years to follow she was the grateful recipient of Thai bodywork until one day feeling the call to learn and offer herself.

Christine has studied and practiced yoga since 2003, receiving her 200RYT through Yogaview in Chicago, IL. She has completed 5 levels of Thai Yoga Bodywork training through Devanadi school of Yoga and Wellness in Minneapolis, and also holds certificates of training in Prenatal Yoga, Street-Yoga (trauma informed) as well as end of life midwifery. She considers herself a lifelong student as she actively studies with master teachers and plans to return to Thailand to deepen and expand her learning and offerings from the source of the lineage.

She is dedicated to listening to the needs of her clients, providing the best care possible within her scope of practice, and sharing resources and information to optimize one’s well being and connection to self.


Melissa has been practicing yoga since the mid 1990s. Later in life she was drawn to the inward practices to help through the death of her father and other major life transitions. Through Yoga she found healing for herself and was called to share the healing of Yoga with others.

She decided to study the subtle aspects of Yoga, studing Reiki with Tanya Boigenzen/Devanadi Yoga in 2015, obtaining her Reiki Master in 2016.   She has deepened her study in Energy Medicine studying with Tim McConville in Healing touch level 1, 2 and 3.

She obtained her 200 RYT in 2016 from Devanadi Yoga and has taken further study in Yin Yoga with Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner, Restorative Yoga with Chanti Taconte-Perez and Yoga Nidra with Indu Arora. She also had obtained her RYT500 hour Yoga Certification though Devanadi wellness and plans to be a lifelong student in the Himilayan Tradition.