Where Our Real Hearts Lie

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Meet Our Instructors


The Whispering Cave is co-owned by two women, Michelle Henkel and Greta Walch. Greta and Michelle have been working together running Wild Hearts Yoga. Wild Hearts was originally conceived as a yoga retreat business; after leading retreats it was expanded to include local workshops and events.

Wild Hearts aimed to build community and take the practice beyond the studio. It did not take long to realize what was needed was a permanent brick and mortar space. Therapeutic services and creating a safe mindful sanctuary became very important, thus the concept of The Whispering Cave was born!

Both Greta and Michelle are Yoga Alliance Certified teachers at 200 hours of training. Both are trained in the healing practice of Reiki; Greta at the Master level, and Michelle at Reiki Level Two. Both women strive to continue their education through workshops, events, conferences and retreats.Learning as much as they can is part of their passion.

To Build a Community

This is where the real heart of the studio lies…to build a community which can reach out and bring the practice to those who otherwise might not have the opportunity…this is everything!

Once our community is built we will utilize the energy, resources and gifts we have to develop programming to serve others. We are not certain yet how this will look, but we are certain we will make it happen. It is part of our tradition and is so important to us.

We look forward to connecting with you our future community members to create this vision. We know those who seek also seek to help others and we are excited to draw on the resources and vision of our members to find the best way to serve.


Greta was a career art educator and comes with thirty years of educators experience. She has been practicing yoga for almost as long and has a love of working with kids and the aging population. Greta is Chair Yoga Certified, a Reiki Master and she is trained extensively in Restorative Yoga and Meditation.

Bringing Healing Light to those in need is something she is deeply dedicated too. Teaching others to live a more connected and grounded life with less stress, pain and worry is what she is passionate about. Greta is also a mother of two and will raise your vibration through chant, drum and song. She plays the crystal singing bowls and other percussion instruments for the studio’s Sound Baths.

Both woman practice what they preach. Both strive to maintain balance through regular meditation, breath work, mindfulness, self-study and yoga. This yogic path is their lifestyle, they are so honored to have a beautiful space in which to share it with others.


Michelle is  a seeker of unique connections, the voice of an authentic soul, and a dancer with a wild heart who has been teaching yoga since 2008, Michelle’s career in movement began years earlier as a dancer in NYC.  in the time since she has expanded her skill set with multiple trainings in various forms of yoga, meditation, and personal fitness.

She believes that grace, awareness, and intention in movement shouldn’t be restricted to a yoga mat or studio, and that the transitions between moments make a wonderful dance floor for mind, body, and spirit.

Michelle has led numerous yoga teacher trainings and workshops, helping elevate her students at every opportunity while always holding space to learn from them along the way.