Awareness Creates Kindness

What does it mean to cultivate awareness? And how do we practice kindness? It is human nature for the most part to value kindness, to give and receive a thoughtful gesture can shift the energy of any given situation. We often remind ourselves and others to simply be kind. It can be helpful to build tools around this practice. This practice of kindness.


One way to practice could be to cultivate more intentional awareness. Awareness simplified means just to plain notice. Observe and take the time to look, to listen, to feel.


Notice the little things, the moments in the day where a fellow human being is in need. When a small gesture of kindness through awareness could be gifted. Notice the driver desperately trying to make a left turn, allow them to enter in. Notice the person coming in the door loaded with packages, notice the hidden words of pain coming from the heart of another, notice the wet and dirty nature of your boots…wipe your feet. Just notice.


Notice how you move through your world and the movements of others. Notice what you say, notice what they say, listen with your heart. Feel the energy coming from those you encounter, our human instincts are keen, we are meant to notice.


Noticing takes a bit of effort, a little extra time. Our relationship with time is so tumultuous, we forget to soak in the moments and find, really sense into our awareness.


And then practice kindness. What can you do to be kind; can you take the time to thoughtfully reach out? Choose your words in support and love? Send a text which is well crafted, complete with punctuation and care? Hold the door? Wipe your feet?


Acts of kindness can be big or small. Both make a huge difference, both create the ripple through the collective energy, big or small it’s all love.


The human animal needs love, needs kindness, craves the support of safety. When we notice and observe the swirl of human energy around us and take the time to kindly offer our love we lift the collective, we elevate the species, we evolve, we grow.


So just notice, and practice kindness.

Greta Walch


Greta Walch is a seeker who owns and teaches at The Whispering Cave. An intimate Yoga studio with a Salt Cave located in Wayzata Minnesota. Greta and her business partner Michelle Henkel are dedicated to lifting up the collective consciousness through authentic expression and word. Both women see and feel the hunger within society, particularly women, to be at home with their hearts and once coming home, to be free to sing. Greta guides souls home to themselves through yoga, meditation, connection and sound. She is humbled to offer her words and thoughts up to the Universe, hoping her journey can connect and inspire yours.