Classes & Programming



Practice in the tradition of the Ancients. This is the very foundation, the root of our Asana, or physical practice. Postures will be mindfully instructed with an emphasis on alignment, Pranayama, or breath, and awareness. This practice is suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Meditation techniques and plenty of time for Savasana, or resting will be provided after the physical work to absorb and promote total relaxation. Commit to balancing your mind, body and spirit while building strength and flexibility.


Connecting rhythm with postures and breath; while finding the flow of your own internal dance. This vibrant practice can be considered intermediate or advanced. The pace is faster than Hatha yoga and postures will flow effortlessly from one movement to the next. This style of yoga is often energizing and increases an overall sense of well-being. Your strength will increase as well as flexibility, balance and JOY.


Often referred to as the Yoga of Awareness. Considered a technology, kundalini specifically and consciously combines breathwork, eye-focus, chanting mantra, body locks and movement to strengthen the nervous system, increase lung capacity, balance the glandular system, and purify the blood. It invites balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Kundalini is designed for householders- people who cope with the daily challenges and stressors of being human, managing business, and navigating relationships. Kundalini is a wonderful and accessible tool to help us manage the challenges of our time.


The wise yogi/yogini will make this class a regular part of their practice. Restorative yoga calms the nervous system and promotes deep relaxation supporting the muscles, tendons and connective tissues by allowing enough time for them to truly release. Using props to the cradle the body 3 to five postures will be taken each class and held for up to ten minutes to allow for total relaxation of body and mind. Conscious breathing will be employed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Slow down, pause, connect to bliss; this class is a gift you give yourself.


Need a fitness based fusion? This fun high energy class taught by certified Barre teacher and dancer Sophia Nord will define and build strength while creating space and length in the body. Utilizing Barre, balls, resistance bands and Yoga this class is perfect for everyone who wants a bit of fun and challenge in their lives. Open to all levels.


Bring your body into balance by increasing mobility, stability, strength and alignment, which can be therapeutic for specific conditions. Anatomy and alignment are emphasized through the extensive use of props. Careful guidance allows the student to find their poses without the risk of injury or strain. Suitable for beginners and beyond.


The Ashtanga sequence will challenge your body and balance the mind. Increase strength and take your physical practice to the next level, this practice is more appropriate for intermediate to advanced students. A moving meditation which will target every muscle, bringing focus and awareness. Ashtanga is the ancient roots and foundation of Vinyasa Flow.


A challenging class using repetition and body weight peel back the Layers to achieve balance and strength. Taught by Michelle Henkel, this creative class will make you shake, detox and sweat.


Suitable for all levels this mindful class will move at a gentle and steady pace. Focusing on alignment and careful release to lengthen muscles and build strength. Bring awareness to your breath and peace to your inner world by practicing self care. This class will teach you ways to nurture the body to bring quiet and calm to the mind. 


Yin Yoga: Yin energy is the opposite of Yang. Yin is cooler, slower, more intuitive. Yin receives…let yourself receive this releasing practice which uses props and your own muscle tension to let go and grow. Yin postures can be playful and strong, you create the appropriate tension to lengthen and stretch your body. This class is highly recommended for all levels and will enhance your endurance for high energy practices. Keep your body supple and safe with Yin.


Often thought of as the ultimate Yogic Practice. This honored tradition has been passed down through the lineages and is gaining popularity in the modern west. Translated into the ‘sleep of the yogi’ this is a meditation practiced laying down guided by the instructor. You will experience a deep state of relaxation and often times altered consciousness. So yummy at the end of a busy day Yoga Nidra can promote deep and restful sleep, yet can also energize. It is said that a practice of Yoga Nidra is equal to three hours of quality sleep. A Sankulpa or intention will be fostered by each individual student, once Sankulpa is ingrained through the practice of Yoga Nidra it is made manifest. Make this important meditative practice a regular part of your life and watch out for transformation!



Salt Therapy is a meditative practice done while relaxing in a Salt room or ‘Cave.’ Microscopic & granulated sea salt is infused into the room providing health benefits for lungs, skin, sinuses and allergies. Asthma, COPD, headaches, chronic conditions of the respiratory system, including chronic skin ailments can all benefit from regular salt therapy. Salt Therapy increases the negative ions in the air which thereby increases serotonin and a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Come relax with us in our Cave, we will make you comfortable and guide you expertly into meditation and bliss.

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Enter into the Salt Sanctuary and reap the benefits of Salt Therapy (halotherapy) while being guided through the practice of meditation. Find your steady and comfortable seat and enter into the silence and stillness of your soul. This opportunity is why we are so passionate about our Sacred Salt Sanctuary…we invite you to take time for yourself in this safe and restorative space. Cultivating a regular meditation practice has innumerable benefits as does Salt Therapy. Use this Sanctuary to tap in, pause and feel the pulse…listen to the whisper from within.


Sound vibrations can change how we feel and shift our energies from negative to positive. We all know how good we feel after singing joyfully out loud to our favorite song…that is vibrational sound healing at work. The Whispering Cave will offer Sound Baths in the Salt Chamber, enjoy both the therapeutic benefits of Salt Therapy and Sound Therapy while you lay back, relax and soak it all in. A variety of sacred instruments will be used including crystal singing bowls, drum, rattle, chime and gong. Listen and feel both the highly charged negative ions of the salt and the clear vibrations of sound sink in and soothe, like a party for your serotonin!

III • Small Group Workshops


Individual attention and care given to participants to promote emotional body restoration through the use of crystal therapy. The metaphysical properties of crystals will be explored and used by each student to meet their individual need/goals. Meditation, breath and crystal therapy will all combine to create a unique and individual experience.


Personalized attention and care given to participants to promote emotional body restoration through the use of essential oil therapy. Only therapeutic grade essential oils will be used by a knowledgeable instructor. Properties of the oils will be learned and discussed and individuals will experience a delicious and delightful aromatherapy experience.


Explore the powerful meditation practice of mantra and chant in a safe and supportive environment. Mantras and chant can move mountains of stuck energy and help us to manifest our needs and goals; both for ourselves and for the world. Both English and Sanskrit will be taught and all are welcome to learn this ancient devotional practice.


Explore the different Devis or Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon and tap into their beauty and power. Let Kali curb your ego, or Lakshmi manifest abundance. Each workshop will focus on a different Devi and exploration will include Asana, Pranayama, chant, meditation and more!


Since ancient times humans have celebrated and ritualized with the vibration of drums. This practice will clear and balance your energy centers inducing a deep sense of awareness in the unconscious mind. The frequencies of the drum beat stimulate different brain waves which can promote relaxation, creativity, memory function and boost the immune system. In this small group class the drum will be used to bring about the Theta State; that place between wakefulness and sleep where vision and clarity can be accessed. This class is not recommended to those who are overly sensitive to sound, but is highly recommended for all those who seek balance in a unique and energizing way.


The Whispering Cave is for all ages, therefore we do not want to leave out the young people! Yoga for Youth will be classes designed especially for kids and teens. Research is proving the effectiveness of a regular Yoga practice on child development, self-esteem, childhood stress and anxiety and success in school. Your child is your greatest love and joy, give them this gift of practice for their lifetime.

IV • Bodywork

Thai Bodywork

This ancient modality brings the client the benefits o massage, yoga and energy work all rolled into one. Done on a comfortable floor mat and fully clothed Thai Bodywork is a complete body treatment. The therapist will gently move your body through a series of stretches designed to move the joints and energy along the meridians. This treatment achieves a deep therapeutic affect relieving tension in muscles and tendons. Always respectful and caring this technique is suitable for all.


This ancient Japanese form of Energy Work has been in use for centuries,brought to the West in the 1940’s it has a strong lineage and pure intent.“Rei” translates to Spirit or Higher Power “Ki” is life force energy (Qi or Prana) Reiki brings the loving power of Spirit through the Reiki therapist to you. Hands-on and hands-off techniques are used. The client remains fully clothed and comfortable on a massage table. Reiki promotes the body’s natural ability to self-heal. Cleanses and balances the Chakra System, promotes deep relaxation and a meditative state. Most people report enhanced sleep following a session. Like a massage for your emotions and soul.

Shamanic Reiki Drumming

Using the sacred drum the therapist opens and balances the energy systems of the body. Clients rest fully clothed on a massage table while being drummed over. The drumbeats alter the patterns of brain waves inducing a deeply meditative state. Vibrational therapy is highly effective in promoting the bodies natural ability to heal both physically and emotionally. This therapy is both energizing and relaxing. Not recommended for those overly sensitive to sound, but is highly recommended for all those who wish to restore and feel the pulse of the Universe.

*Disclaimer: The Whispering Cave and their employees in no way recommend alternative therapies in replacement for traditional Western medical practices. These alternate modalities can be used to enhance health and wellbeing when used in conjunction with the supervision of a medical doctor. Always consult your physician