Perceive your Truth

A lot of talk about Truth these days…know your Truth, speak your Truth, own your Truth and even stand in your Truth.


But what exactly does this mean? The truth is it is different for all of us.


Your Truth is molded by your upbringing, your belief systems, your genetic code, your experiences, by the sum and total of your life.


Your Truth encompasses how you perceive the world, and our perceptions are vastly different from one individual to another.


When I was a school teacher I was often sidelined by a parent relaying to me an incident in the classroom regarding their child which was simply not true. At least not true for me…the child however, had gone home and reported their truth, their perception of the incident. I cannot emphasize enough how very different the two truths often were. Same thing when there would be an altercation between two children. When you sit them down and ask what did you do to Johnny and what did Johnny do to you? Then you ask Johnny…well, two different tales were always told.


We have all had this experience many times. It is part of our reality, and our reality shapes our Truth. We so earnestly want others to understand and support our Truth, our reality as seen through the windows of our own perceptions; but no other person can completely experience your Truth. It is as unique as you are.


When we are hurt, or outraged, or grieving or traumatized in some way big or small we want others to get on board with us, to understand and feel our pain. We even have a cultural expression “I feel your pain”. When we hear this we feel good, we feel validated. Honestly though, it is nearly impossible for us to totally absorb another’s Truth. We can empathize, we might feel bad or sorry for them, but the ego quickly kicks in and we are back to our own Truth, our own agenda.


It is best to stick to our own Truth and work with it from within. It’s an inside job; it might not always feel good, or be pretty, but its ours and we can hold compassionate space in our own hearts for the our reality.


We can and should listen authentically to the Truth of others. It is our sacred duty to hear and see each other, mess or no mess.


As we intuitively know being heard is often enough, but the solutions are part of our inner work. How often have you tried to follow the solution offered up by another for your Truth, how often has this worked out for you?


We can also always call upon the Divine Source of our own understanding the Universe, God, or the Infinite for help. We are not alone after all. We have abundant support within and without. Remember this when you are seeking your Truth, and watch your Truth shift and change as the winds of life carry you along.

Greta Walch


Greta Walch is a seeker who owns and teaches at The Whispering Cave. An intimate Yoga studio with a Salt Cave located in Wayzata Minnesota. Greta and her business partner Michelle Henkel are dedicated to lifting up the collective consciousness through authentic expression and word. Both women see and feel the hunger within society, particularly women, to be at home with their hearts and once coming home, to be free to sing. Greta guides souls home to themselves through yoga, meditation, connection and sound. She is humbled to offer her words and thoughts up to the Universe, hoping her journey can connect and inspire yours.