Slot Overview of the Punk Bathroom

Have you ever witnessed Einstein farting on the toilet? The creator of general relativity can be caught using the Punk Toilet created by Nolimit City’s evil geniuses at some point. If the above description makes you uncomfortable or seems ridiculous, Punk Toilet is probably not the game for you. Nolimit has been going in their own direction for some time now, establishing new norms rather than following them. Punk Toilet, a slot that has carved out its own genre to sit and contemplate life much like a trip to the karzi, is the climax of this attitude of not giving a fig about fashion or what others might think.

However, Punk Toilet was not made in a vacuum; it has connections to other Nolimit City games, with Punk Rocker serving as the most obvious inspiration due to the similarities between the two games’ aesthetics and tone. In reality, Punk Toilet’s creator claims that the idea for the product came from a visit to a brightly colored London restroom. Despite being abandoned in favor of Punk Rocker for unknown reasons, the concept of the “Punk Toilet” has made a triumphant comeback.

The plot unfolds, then, in a brightly painted restroom replete with urinals, graffiti, and a mystery door labeled “Glory.” In a similar vein to Punk Rocker, while the bonus games are active, loud music from a nearby room (with the volume turned up) may be faintly heard. Right off the get, Punk Toilet doesn’t hold back. Punk interpretations of historical figures like Winston Churchill show that in this society, nothing is beyond limits. Visually, Punk Toilet isn’t going to appeal to everyone, however it was likely made in jest rather than malice. Of course, not everyone will agree with us, but we don’t regard Punk Toilet as a sociable bunch.

It’s not the ideal approach to win friends and influence people, either, according to its Extremely Volatile mathematical model. Those who enjoy Nolimit City’s edgy style of gaming, however, will be eager to check it out. The RTP is available in several flavors, as has been customary. When played conventionally, it has a maximum value of 96.09%, and when extra features are purchased (details of which are provided below), it increases to 96.71%. Betting limits on the dunny-controlled games vary from 20 percent to £/€100, and players may use any gadget they choose.

At the outset of each spin, the 5-reel game grid is set up in a 3-3-3-3-1 configuration; however, this can be altered significantly by several of the features. When more symbols are crammed onto the board or separated, the number of possible combinations soon grows past the 81 that are available in the base game. There are 11 different pay symbols, and you may win with as few as three matching symbols in a row starting on the left. The low-paying symbols are the 10 through Ace runny graffiti symbols, which pay 1.25 to 2 times the wager for five of a kind. The high-paying symbols are a collection of six character symbols, which pay 2.5 to 5 times the wager for five of a kind. Finally, a standard wild can be utilized in lieu of any pay sign to complete a winning combination.

Slot Functions in a Punk Bathroom

There are a ton of cool extras in Punk Toilet, such as the two bonus games and several X and split effects you may expect.


Urinals are an essential part of every bathroom, and Punk Toilet’s three may be found at the base of reels 2, 3, and 4. If you get 1 or 2 urinal symbols on these reels, the urinal will activate below the reels. Except for the Haw-King, who also has a wild beer sign, this exposes a giant version of any character symbol.

Golden Gate

Now, the enigmatic Glory Door, spanning the fifth reel’s spots 1, 2, and 3. The Glory Door opens to disclose one of two outcomes when the Loo sign appears over it. A Haw-King pay sign, which can appear in any of the top three positions. All visible character symbols on the reels will transform into Haw-King icons when this happens. As for the second possibility, the Glory Door might open to display a unique symbol and a pair of high-value characters. Reels 1 through 4 will have their identical symbols enlarged by a factor of 2. The unusual sign may be:

A standard wildcard character.

The xSplit feature horizontally divides all standard payout symbols on reels 1-4 to the left. In this case, xSplit doubles as a wild card. If xWays symbols are present, they are always separated.

The Mega Split feature duplicates the size of all standard pay symbols on reels 1-4. It’s a 2-high wild card as well.


This icon has a chance of appearing on reels 3, 4, and 5. When activated, the xWays can expand to cover anywhere from two to six symbols, each of which might be a pay symbol or a wild. When there is more than one xWays in view, they all show the same class of symbols.

P!$$ Turns

If you get three scatter symbols on the center reels at once, you’ll win six P!$$ Spins. The urinals at the base of the reels always open throughout gameplay, revealing new character icons. If you get a scatter during this round, you’ll get an extra spin and the Urinal multiplier on that reel will increase by one. This multiplier is applied on top of the multiplier for the symbol character and does not reset. If a Loo icon appears, the Glory Door will open, awarding +2 extra spins and promoting the current round to $h!t Spins. This bonus round appears around once every 210 regular spins.

$hit Revolve$

To get 8 $h!t Spins, you need to land 3 scatter symbols and 1 Loo symbol. The rules are identical to P!$$ Spins, with the exception that the Loo symbol always remains where it lands and the Glory Door is always wide open. Natural occurrences of $h!t Spins occur once every 13,000 spins.

Uncapped Benefits

There are three options available to players who may purchase their way to free spins. One example is P1$$ Spins, which has a 67x your bet RTP. The second, at 345x the wager, is $h!t Spins, with a return to player (RTP) of 96.76%; the third, at 206x, is a coin flip between the two bonus games, with an RTP of 96.71%.

Slot Judgment: A Punk Bathroom

Almost no company would have the guts to publish a game like Punk Toilet, but Nolimit City did. Blackadder’s Baron von Richthofen’s famous “Ha ha ha!” quip comes to mind. You Brits and your witty wordplay! You lucky English people to find humor in using the restroom. For us, it serves a practical purpose; for you, it forms the bedrock of a complete civilization. When you’re in a formal setting, your brain employs a filter to determine whether or not you should verbalize the thoughts that pop into your head during meetings and conversations. It seems like the filter is malfunctioning in Nolimit City. What these folks imagine might very well come to pass. They make dreams come true for people who play slot machines online.

But a slot about poopoo and peepee might not be everyone’s cup of tea, just as one person’s dream can be another’s nightmare. Once you get over the “what the hell were they thinking?” shock, it’s actually not that rude. Some viewers might be particularly hurt by the portrayal of specific characters. We’ll avoid getting into that discussion since ethics isn’t our specialty. In terms of gameplay, Punk Toilet is jam-packed with intense moments like to those found in Nolimit City. That one spin result can be a total stunner if a few special symbols combine with the appropriate pay symbol, some X-ing and slicing occurs, etc. On a technical level, it performs the same things as the original Nolimit City, with the addition of some new tricks like the Glory Door and the Haw-King transformation. For Nolimit City, the maximum payout is on the low end, at 33,333 times the initial wager. It’s not bad, either, and it’s anticipated to be a smashing success once it’s made available to the public.

There will be those who find Punk Toilet offensive or, at the very least, unappealing. Punk Toilet is a fun choice for those who are looking for a game with both snappy gameplay and a good chuckle or two. You have to wonder, after playing a slot machine based on bodily discharges, where the hell Nolimit is taking us next.