Trust a loaded word to be sure, we all have experience in the evolution of trust around a situation or relationships, but let us consider the evolution of personal trust.

Trusting ourselves starts with letting go and letting go is the most challenging concept a human soul can wrestle with.

Too often we are secretly convinced surrender will bring us harm. The very word surrender brings a negative association. It implies to give in to lose, culturally we have been taught to be a loser is not acceptable. To authentically surrender or let go requires trust and faith. Faith in something greater than, in the mysterious, the unexplained in magic. To find faith is one thing, to trust in it is another and to extend that trust to our own lives is the work.

We do have choices even when faced with circumstances out of our control. We can choose to allow the inevitable evolution of change, within ourselves and our world. To choose to accept all the changes around and within us is letting go, it is surrender and it definitely requires trust.

Nothing easy about this as often true change is painful it can herald a loss, or be brought on by trauma, or just plain feel uncomfortable. We tend to cling to our former reality our pleasant memories and past experiences like an old and well-worn blanket. This is needed security for the body, the body will hang onto the old while the soul is compelled to create something new. The soul is not limited by time or space it has no fear; therefore, it is free and driven to find a better fit a better way. To nurture our faith in order to trust in our own evolution to completely surrender to changes is to grow.

We need to let go of who we think we are, who our experience and belief systems have told us to be. We know we are stuck when we say things like “I can’t” or “I never” …

We get caught up in our old stories, patterns, our past pain. Our present reality is who we are it opens up the infinite possibility of who we can be if we let go and step into true presence. Our past should be honored and felt. The body needs to work through and really feel the grief, the emotions all the hurt and confusion all the fear. To neglect to honor this process keeps us stuck. We can trust ourselves to work through and release in the here and now opening up the space for change. Change which creates a new and stronger reality a better fit for us in the present moment.

Walk in the present rather than trying to recreate from your past. The future cannot be manifested from the past. Trust in your present evolution, your current truth and create from there.


Greta Walch


Greta Walch is a seeker who owns and teaches at The Whispering Cave. An intimate Yoga studio with a Salt Cave located in Wayzata Minnesota. Greta and her business partner Michelle Henkel are dedicated to lifting up the collective consciousness through authentic expression and word. Both women see and feel the hunger within society, particularly women, to be at home with their hearts and once coming home, to be free to sing. Greta guides souls home to themselves through yoga, meditation, connection and sound. She is humbled to offer her words and thoughts up to the Universe, hoping her journey can connect and inspire yours.