The Struggle is Real

Let my voice feel the fright and speak it anyway. It is ok if it trembles. it will not always be this way if I practice.

– Pixie Lighthorse

Most of us who have walked the path of life for sometime know this to be true; the struggle is real, for everyone. But do we really know this? Do we feel it deep within our very bones? Do our hearts soak up this truth with clarity? Not really. For most of us we know intellectually everyone who is given the gift of life struggles somehow, someway. We see this in our families, coworkers, friends, the homeless woman on the corner, in the news, Facebook….the amount of human suffering a deep well of pain.


Many of us with empathetic natures breathe in this collective pain and own it for ourselves. The stories and suffering become part of our own story, like a dry sponge we soak up the energetic tears of a wounded society. This can lead to a hopeless and helpless state, depression, anxiety and endless fear. It becomes more compelling to suffer inside the struggle than to embrace the power available by connecting our wounded souls.We are acutely aware of our own struggles and traumas. We have unpacked our suitcase of pain many times over. Yet, we often hide our scars and coat our tongues with sugar in order to appear acceptable. We fear sharing our truth, we do not want to unpack our suitcase in public embarrassed by our dirty underwear. We have been told over and over and in a thousand ways to be strong, to clean up our acts, to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get on with it, move on, let it go.


Every soul has something deeply sticky which cannot be let go of. A part of their history, pain which has been carved so deeply into their story, it cannot be erased. Those who glide through the world on the wings of confidence and bravado often bear the deepest wounds. The mask is firmly in place and not even the wearer knows it’s there.


The power comes through recognition and connection to this energy. By unpacking our soiled clothing and hanging it out to air in the sunshine; together we can embrace the light of healing. Think of a world where human beings can openly discuss their struggles without shame and fear of judgement. We have accepted the message of positive thinking to the exclusion of truth. And the truth is the struggle is real. Not all our outfits match, and sometimes the washer is broken.

Breathe in the clean air of authentic communication and see the beauty in the wounded hearts of others. Allow both the joys and the sorrows to shine, the lightness and the darkness of life. Through the true celebration of all that life is, all the beauty, all the pain, we can carry one another to a higher consciousness and to a better way of BEing.

Help me to move beyond the programming which instructs me to share just what’s on the surface. Discourage me from opening the portal and quickly slamming it shut again out of fear or pride. Strengthen me to discern fact from fallacy and depth from delusion without judgment, and move on.

– Pixie Lighthorse

Greta Walch


Greta Walch is a seeker who owns and teaches at The Whispering Cave. An intimate Yoga studio with a Salt Cave located in Wayzata Minnesota. Greta and her business partner Michelle Henkel are dedicated to lifting up the collective consciousness through authentic expression and word. Both women see and feel the hunger within society, particularly women, to be at home with their hearts and once coming home, to be free to sing. Greta guides souls home to themselves through yoga, meditation, connection and sound. She is humbled to offer her words and thoughts up to the Universe, hoping her journey can connect and inspire yours.